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Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Colored Hair

Shampoo and conditioner for colored hair are very important products you should look for if you use hair dyes, I highly recommend them if you want to protect your new color fading and make your hair … [Read more...]

Castor Oil Benefits for Hair Growth- How to Use?

Different Ways to Use Castor Oil for Faster Hair Growth and a Healthy Scalp Castor oil is a greasy purgative that works great for fast hair growth. Hair fall has become a prominent and permanent … [Read more...]

Best Shampoos for Dry and Damaged Hair

Discover the best shampoos for coarse, dry and damaged hair from premium brands. Find the reasons of dry and damaged hair – Learn how to solve it. Best Shampoos for Dry and Damaged … [Read more...]

Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Breakage

Hair breakage shampoo and conditioner are necessary steps you should do to protect your hair as possible to breaks. Hair breakage shampoo and conditioner contain many useful ingredients like vitamins, … [Read more...]

Protective Hairstyles Ideas for Longer Hair

  In order to grow your hair longer, faster and save it from any damage like; dryness, frizz, breakage and split ends, you will need to protect your hair as possible from these factors; heat, … [Read more...]

Haifa Wehbe New Hair Color

The super star Haifa Wehbe was known about her beautiful healthy black hair, this year 2016 she decided to change her black hair color and get new stylish fiery red hair color. She added a video on … [Read more...]

Protein Salad Recipe for Healthy Hair and Skin

On this post I want to share with you a wonderful and very delicious salad, this salad contains tons of vitamins, minerals, fiber, water and antioxidants which keep your body and hair very healthy and … [Read more...]

Preventing Hair Breakage to Get Longer Hair

Preventing Hair Breakage to Get Longer Hair is a 32 pages eBook manual (PDF File) a downloadable book by beauty therapist Engy Khalil. It is step by step guide to discover how can you stop hair … [Read more...]

Best Products For Dry Hair

If you are suffering of dry hair and looking for the right hair care to treat it, here is a list of the best products for dry hair included shampoos, conditioners, masks, moisturizers, oils and more, … [Read more...]

How to Grow Hair Long

How to Grow Hair Long program created by beauty therapist and general nutrition specialist Engy Khalil, the same author of the book Hair Grow secrets. I have been helped thousand of women over the … [Read more...]

Best Recipes for Fast Hair Growth

Hair is one of the major attributes of beauty that distinguish women, but usually hair is exposed to natural and physical factors that affect its health, and damage it. Therefore, it is difficult to … [Read more...]

How to Prevent Tangled Hair

Do your hair suffers from split-ends, breakage and damaged ends? If your answer is yes! It may be the cause of these problems are due to hair tangles. You may not have the time to comb your hair or do … [Read more...]

12 Winter Hair Care Tips

Temperature has began to fall, after long months of high temperature and high humidity. There is no doubt that winter brings a lot of changes with it, these changes are not limited to the fashion … [Read more...]