Grow Hair Fast

7 Steps to a New Head of Hair in 90 Days

Grow Hair Fast
192 pages

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For more than three decades, Riquette Hofstein has been helping men and women reverse hair loss and grow healthy new heads of hair. Based on her extensive research of what works and what doesn’t, Riquette really can help create permanent restoration of hair growth. Find out:– What you’re doing wrong that’s making your hair fall out– The secrets of using herbs and vodka to grow your peach fuzz back into a fine head of hair– What the makers of Rogaine don’t want you to know– Riquette’s famous haircut that makes hair grow faster– The only right way to shampoo– How to stimulate healthy hair growth from the inside outRiquette reveals her exclusive, simple, seven-step program that has helped thousands of people re-grow their hair. Grow Hair Fast also includes Riquette’s recipes for the best homemade hair-care products with special herbs, oils and mixtures that she has developed, plus important information on chemical and surgical hair-loss solutions.



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  1. I’m a woman, I bought this book about three weeks ago, I loved the book it has helped stop my shedding, It gives very good recipes on shampoo of all hair types, also the same on conditioners and hair gels, I have tried some of this recipes for my dry hair, and I really like them, Thanks for this amazing book.

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