Almonds Oil Benefits For Hair And How To Use

Almonds Oil Benefits For Hair
Almond has many incredible benefits for brain, heart and health in general, besides its benefits it is used for beauty and aging, it has a good effects on hair growth and healthier hair in general.

Almond Benefits Of For Hair:

Helps prevent hair loss – Almonds contain 25% of the magnesium which your body needs daily, Almonds are rich of vitamin B, vitamin B helps to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth, Also it rich of iron which transfer oxygen to the body, often hair loss is caused by magnesium, iron and vitamin B deficiency, therefore helps to promote healthy growth and stop hair loss.

Eating raw almonds are great for promoting faster hair growth and restore sheen for dull hair. Try to eat about 30 Almonds (without salt) everyday and you will notice a big difference in your hair growth rate and you will see new hair growth during 45 days.

Almond oil Feeds the scalp – A few drops of almond oil contains many vitamins and minerals. Try to massage the scalp with almond oil once a week to nourish your hair and scalp.

Almond oil Repairs damaged hair – As it is rich of proteins that help repairs damage hair, prevents hair breakage, protects hair from split ends to happen and stimulates hair growth.

How To Use Almond Oil

You can use it alone or you can mixing it with another oils like extra virgin olive oil and/or sesame oil as a hot oil treatment for faster hair growth.

Also you can apply a few drops on damp hair on the tips after shampooing and conditioning to get rid of hair breakage and prevent split-ends.

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