Get Rid of Split Ends And Hair Breakage

Hair Breakage

One common problem that all of us must deal with is hair breakage and split ends. Split ends is something that you should not take for granted. Whether it is caused by too much exposure to the sun, too much styling, chemical damage, improper combing or poor eating habits, split ends can worsen and lead to further hair damage if not treated immediately.

Breakage can be caused by a number of reasons. The most common cause for this condition is excessive exposure to harsh chemicals in different haircare products. These can be either styling aids such as gels, waxes, hair spray or toiletries like shampoos and conditioners that we use everyday. These chemicals are heavy and literally build up on the hair and scalp over time.

The first aid solution to breakage and split ends is shifting to organic hair products such as Moroccanoil which do not contain chemicals that harm the hair. Since styling also contributes to the weakening of the hair, make sure that you give your hair breaks from styling gadgets every so often. While it is true that flat hair irons and curling irons have been calibrated so as not to cause too much damage on your hair, it is still important to give it a break from these styling gadgets once in a while.

If shifting to organic products and lessening the number of times your hair is exposed to heat generating styling aids still don’t help, you might have to modify your diet. Consuming a lot of processed foods or fast food can deprive the hair of necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Hair needs protein, vitamin A, vitamin C and E among others. The saying you are what you eat also applies to your hair.

You can easily get rid of split ends and hair breakage by simply modifying things you’ve been doing to your hair. If these problems continue even after you’ve tried several methods, you may want to consult a hair expert or a doctor to check for underlying conditions that may cause your hair problems.


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