Tips On How To Do a Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil

Tips on how to do a hot oil treatment to nourish, grow, moisturize your hair and prevent breakage.
Hot oil treatment is very easy to do and it is an inexpensive treatment – Hot oil treatment has many benefits to your hair and scalp.

The benefits of using Hot Oil Treatment:

  • Hot oil treatment help to maintain the Moisture balance in your hair and softness dry hair.
  • Hot oil treatment is a Great way for people who have dry scalp.
  • Hot oil treatment adds body and shine to your hair.
  • Hot oil treatment prevents frizz, breakage and hair loss.
  • Hot oil treatment grows hair long.

Tools you will need to do Hot oil Treatment:

  1. Warm oil i highly recommend to warming the oil before use it – specially if you chose to use coconut oil as it very thick and it need lighten – Also when you use warm oil it is very easy to absorb from the cuticle as well the absorption of the scalp.
  2. Plastic cap it very helpful to warm the scalp and make it absorb the vitamins from the oil.
  3. Dry Towel.
  4. Hair steamer (optional) if you want to save time and get the highest benefits of the oil.

How To Apply Hot oil Treatment:

  • Step one: (optional) Rinse your hair with warm water to open up the cuticles and the scalp pores this method make your hair and scalp absorb the oil well.
  • Step two: Section your hair into small parts.
  • Step three: Apply the oil then Massage it from roots to ends section follow section.
  • Step four: Wear a plastic cap then cover your head with a dry towel or use a Hair steamer but of course in this case without wearing the plastic cap.
  • Step five: If you chosen to use The Hair steamer Leave it about 20 to 30 minutes or If you chosen to use the plastic cap and the towel  Leave it about 2 to 3 hours then wash your hair with SLS and Paraben Free shampoo so are not wasted the benefits from the hot oil treatment.

Best Hair Oils Treatment:

Olive oil: Benefits Strengthen – add shine – stop hair loss – make hair thicker – prevent breakage – Improve hair texture.

Coconut oil: Benefits Strengthen – add shine – stop hair loss – Stop dandruff – prevent breakage – Improve hair texture.

Jojoba Oil: Benefits add shine – prevent breakage – Treat Scalp inflammation – prevent dandruff.

Sesame oil: Benefits grow hair long – make hair color brown – make hair soft and shiny – stop hair loss.

Castor oil: Benefits Strengthen – Grow new hair – Conditioning Dry Scalp – Excellent for Damaged Hair. Castor oil works well with black coarse hair like African hair. If you use pure Castor oil i highly recommend Before using to mix it with light oil such as jojoba or olive oil.

Argan oil: Benefits add shine – prevent breakage – Reduce split ends – Improve hair texture.

Grapeseed Oil: Benefits add shine – Strengthen – Reduce Damage.

Important Tip:
Never leave any oil on your scalp more than eight hours because the oil close your pores which causes hair fall.

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