How to Prevent Tangled Hair

Prevent Tangled Hair

Do your hair suffers from split-ends, breakage and damaged ends? If your answer is yes! It may be the cause of these problems are due to hair tangles. You may not have the time to comb your hair or do not follow the right steps to avoid tangled hair, which lead to the damage and hair loss.

Here are Step by Step and tips to prevent tangles:

Step One:

Comb your hair before washing, to avoid the tangles during washing and to remove dust. If you have dry hair i recommend to add some oil to make your hair easy to combing.

Step Two:

Rinse your hair very well before shampooing with warm water, never use hot water because it leads to more tangles, splits, hair breakage and burn the scalp as well.

Step Three:

When applying the shampoo, focus to add it on the scalp then massage gently to remove the sebum and dust, and leave the foam down through to the tips without rubbing.

Step Four:

Always use a hair conditioner after every shampooing which suit your hair type, it should contain high content of moisturizing to soften your hair and makes it easy to comb. Apply the conditioner to the tips only, don’t apply to the roots because it causes hair loss. Also; use a wide comb to distribute the conditioner to all hair parts.

Step Five:

Rinse your hair thoroughly after shampoo and conditioner to remove any deposits. Don’t believe the saying that advises leaving little balm on your hair that can make your hair manageable and soft. The conditioner deposits make the scalp produces oils and clog the pores which causes hair loss and dandruff.

Step Six:

Wash your hair twice a week with shampoo and conditioner if you have oily hair, and once a week if you have dry hair, so to leave the natural oils nourish your hair and scalp.

Step Seven:

This step is very important to do, you should apply any good moisturizer after washing your hair like; moisturizing cream, leave in conditioner, oil, serum. That can help to limit the entangling problem.


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