Biotin For hair loss

GNC Biotin 5000
What Is Biotin?
Biotin is a part of vitamin B complex which involved in energy metabolism from carbohydrates, fats, and protein. No RDAs have yet been set, instead, an estimated safe and adequate daily dietary intake has been established.
So it is very important to stimulate hair growth. Biotin is known to promote healthy hair and skin. A dose of between 5 grams ( 5000 mcg ) added to your food could be helpful in the prevention of extensive hair loss, It is for both men in hair loss and women in hair loss.
Lack of biotin cause various complications occurring that includes the skin – specially skin infections, fungus tongue, scalp fungus and of course hair loss.

Where can you find biotin?
it is found in widespread in foods such as: meat, eggs, milk, some vegetables, and legumes. Intestinal bacteria make considerable amounts of biotin.
Or it found in vitamin forms taken orally or by intramuscular injection.
For best result i recommend to take Pantothenic Acid 500 CapsulesGNC Pantothenic Acid 500, Capsules( vitamin B5 ) with Biotin 5000 Capsules (vitamin H) – Also it involved in energy metabolism it stop hair loss and it may preventing graying. It improves hair condition and texture. It is useful for skin and muscle disorders and boosts energy levels – You will find Vitamin B5 in may over the counter hair products – Also i highly recommend to use a local hair growth treatment to revitalization the follicles.

Results of biotin:
It decreases hair loss – regrowing hair but you must complete the 4th month of treatment for best result.
Biotin is favours the regrowing of hair, apart from in the case of a deficiency. There is no proof the biotin effect on androgenetic hair loss.
If you have androgenetic hair loss you should treat it before take biotin or you can take biotin during your androgenetic treatments.
The claim the biotin 5000 mcg (5grams) can lead to grow longer hair is a Legend. It has not been proven scientifically so it is not necessary for you to bombard your scalp with shampoos or conditioners rich with biotin. In fact It only grow new hair growth faster from your roots, make your hair more thicker and stop hair loss.
Biotin side effects:
Rarely, a rash.
Recommend GNC Biotin 5000 Capsules And GNC Pantothenic Acid 500 Capsules
NOW Foods Pantothenic Acid 500mg, 250 CapsulesNOW Foods Pantothenic Acid 500mg, 250 Capsules

Biotin 5000GNC Biotin 5000 240 Capsules


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