Lakme Teknia Body Maker keratin Shampoo

Lakme Shampoo
Increasing volume and defying gravity are the goals of the BODY MAKER product line. The natural keratin enriching its formula provides a permanent conditioning treatment, strength and resistance to breakage, volume and long-lasting styling.


  • Gently cleanses. Formulated with natural keratin, strengthens the hair
  • fibers from the inside to make them more resistant to breakage.
  • Adds total lightness and shine, and hair feels thicker.

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Lakme Teknia Body Maker Shampoo Volumizing shampoo for fine or brittle hair.
The Product’s Benefits
Strengthens hair fiber from the inside and improves resistance to breakage.
Gives volume and body leaving hair light and manageable.Formulated with:
WAA™:Natural wheat amino acids that act from the inside of the hair fiber. Complex with high moisturizing power, amino acids are absorbed deep into the hair fiber restoring optimum moisture levels. Hair recovers its equilibrium and the shine, softness and flexibility of healthy hair are restored. Paraben free · PEG-free · Mineral oil free
Active agents Action Benefits
Keratin from wheat Strengthens hair fiber from the inside. Hair gains volume and strength becoming more resistant to breakage.
Volumizing resin Conditions hair fiber. Hair becomes soft, shiny and light.
Looks and feels thicker.

Apply to wet hair from roots to ends then rinse well.
For best result and for very dry hair use together with Lakme Body Maker Keratin Treatment.
Brand: Lakme
Made In Spain.


Lakme Teknia Body Maker Shampoo.

My Honest Review:
I’m the owner of this website, Lakme Teknia Body Maker Shampoo is my favorite shampoo it stopped my hair breakage completely, make my hair shiny and super soft. It also help my hair grow longer because i do not lose any length from my ends, I do not love Lakme Teknia Body Maker Shampoo only but i love all this Lakme hair products, It is effective and The same level of Kerastase hair products, i highly recommend this shampoo.
Important Note: You’ll get the great result after 2 to 3 uses.
Engy Khalil.


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