10 Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Longer

Hair Grow

Each woman dreams that have a long and healthy hair. But we have to know Hair grows about an average of a half inch a month, so you figure in a year you will get six inches. The rate of hair growth is not the same for all people. Some people have a fast growing hair because of genes, while others have a slow growing. As for those whose hair does not grow properly, it may be due to their nature or to other reasons such as hormone imbalance, old age, general health condition of the body, anemia or malnutrition.

There are several easy ways that make your hair grows as quickly as possible:
1. Take a hair vitamins: regularly specially designed for faster hair growth every day such as hair formula 37 hair vitamins or Vitamin Shoppe – For Skin-Hair And NailsTo preserve your body healthy – Daily vitamin requirements. It may be the food you are eating is not enough to maintain all the demands of your body. Hair vitamins are important to stimulate hair growth.
2- Healthy Food: Eating large amounts of  fruits, vegetables, proteins Great sources of protein are eggs, beans, peas, poultry and fish ( salmon and sardine) and organic sulfur  (such as: garlic and onions. broccoli,cabbage, Brussels sprouts, watercress, kale, asparagus and cauliflower) – This food contains large amount of vitamins and water help your hair grows longer and faster, Make sure you take in your diet antioxidant food which is important to stimulate the collagen – The importance of antioxidant is not limited to the health of hair, but also include anti aging and prevent cancer.
3. Drink enough amount of water: at least eight cups a day – it keeps your body healthy so it reduces the dryness of hair and it will stop hair breakage.
4.  Sleep Enough: You should sleep at least seven to eight hours a day – As your hair grows faster during the sleep more than when you are awake.
5-Trimming: Trim your hair regularly about half an inch every five or six months to keep your hair healthy and reduce breakage – As if you trim your hair every three months or less you will never get the length you wished such as waist length.
6- Use  protein hair conditioner: to nourish your hair from roots to ends – It reduces breakage which is the main reason causes short hair.
7- Combing: Comb your hair by wide comb from the ends to the roots especially for detangle hair.
8- Message your scalp regularly minimum three times a week – bending your head forward then start the massage gently by your Fingertips (avoid your nails) with a Circular movements or by Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Ionic Massage Hair Brush To stimulate blood circulation.
9- Exercise: Exercise in the gym or at home can be a chore but doing regular Exercise is vital for healthy body. Exercise is a great way To stimulate blood circulation which That are transfer the vitamins to the cells.
10- Shampoo: Use a high quality of Shampoo which keeps your hair and scalp healthy without dandruff or scalp fungus.
My dear reader if you follow my tips your hair will still healthy and it will grow longer and faster – But remember to grow your hair longer you need time and patience it is not a magic.

More Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Longer

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