4 Enemies Damaging Your Hair Ends

Damaging Your Hair Ends
Hair is exposed to daily stress because of the weather, dust, sun, hot styling tools, and wrong styling like daily using flat iron, harsh combing, bad habits such as excessive of using hair colors and bleaching. All of this habits after the passage of time makes your hair ends brittle and damage.

Sadly, the common solution to get rid of this problem is to trim your hair ends or cut it short.

Why not to try to get rid of this wrong habits first to stop damaging your hair instead of disposable before the aggravation of the problem?

Here are the most wrong habits that damage the ends of the hair and some tips with the world of beauty:

1- Neglect

As you protect your skin before sun exposure, you should protect your hair before exposure to heat or sun. By using heat protection spray before using any hot tools like blow dry or flat iron or hot rollers.

2- Pulling and tying wet hair

When tying wet hair, it is the common mistake which causes hair breakage and split ends, as well as it causes thinning hair especially in the front area. Due to wet hair always become very weak. If you need to tie your hair when it wet, my tips for you is to use a large clip until it dries, or use a soft hair ties and tying your hair with a wide method and flexible.

3- Unbalanced Diet

If you are planning to lose your weight fast by following a dramatic weight loss program and unbalanced diet, this diet not only weakens your hair but it also causes slow growing and thinning hair. To avoid this bad results try to replace this unbalanced diet with a healthy diet rich of proteins, water, vitamins, healthy oils and minerals which your hair needs. Also try to take a hair vitamins like biotin that helps to make hair and nails stronger.

4- Hair stress

When you’re coloring your hair with cheap products which is not guaranteed, you stress your hair, also when you excessive of coloring your hair you stress your hair too. So you should to throw away cheap hair colors, and ensure to use high quality hair colors. coloring your hair in moderation. Also make sure to use a hair conditioner and hair mask based with natural ingredients after every coloring.

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