Daily Routine For Healthy And Brilliant Hair

Routine For Healthy And Brilliant Hair
If you want to keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny without dryness at all, you should develop a daily routine to care about your hair; This routine will help you to get healthy hair and will prevent your hair from exposure to repeated problems, as well as you will save money spent on hair in beauty salons.

Here are the simple habits to make it part of your daily routine for healthy and brilliant hair:

1- Avoid shampoos with chemicals that damage your hair and lead to dryness, use only Sulfates And Parabens Free shampoos this kind of shampoos can clean your hair well but doesn’t contain harsh ingredients.

2- Don’t use too much shampoo when you wash your hair every time, apply a little bit.

3- Don’t use the shampoo every day, use it once or twice a week only, if you have oily hair and need to clean your hair daily you can use dry shampoos.

4- Do not forget to conditioning after every shampooing, that can help to moisturize and removes tangles, even you have oily hair type.

5- When massage your scalp use your fingertips and avoid your nails completely so as not to scratch your scalp.

6- Avoid chemicals, dyes, hot rollers and hair dryers as much as possible to maintain the health of your hair.

7- Trim your hair regularly to keep your hair from split ends, you can do this every three or four months.

8- Use a brush appropriate to the nature of your hair. As prefer brush with natural hair, or wooden combs.

9- Do not overexpose your hair to the sun, because it will dry your hair and may damage your scalp especially if you suffers thinning hair or have bald spots, try as much as possible wear a hat and apply hair protection creams or serums like Moroccan argan oil products before exposure to the sun.

10- When choosing hair products, make sure they contain moisturizers and natural ingredients like oils, herbs, plants and fruit extracts.

11- Try to eat a lot of foods that contain vitamins and minerals like zinc, biotin, vitamin C, vitamin E, and omega-3, 6 and fatty acids, all this can maintain healthy hair growth and keep away from damage.

12- Drink a plenty of liquids such as water and fresh juices at least two liters a day, to moisturize your hair and scalp, also that helps your body to expel harmful substances and toxins which causes your hair looks dry and fragile.

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