Easy Tips To Maintain Dry Hair

dry hair
Dry hair is being to dry after washing and it loses to shine at the same time. it usually has dry scalp So dry hair need special caring and diet as not to suffer more.
Dry hair problems
It easy to splitted, break-out, frizzy and detangle, It usually looks fragile and lifeless. Usually people who have dry hair they may also have a dandruff problem.

Causes Of Dry Hair

There are several Factors causes dry hair Including internal and External causes:

Internal causes of dry hair:
1- Genetics is usually the main reason of dry hair.
2- Lack of vitamins.
3- Some medications.
4- Following wrong weight loss Diet.
5- Lack of water in your body.
6- Gray Hair

External causes of dry hair:
1- Using chemical hair products such as highlights or Hair color or perms.
2- Using to much blow dry or flat iron or curling iron or hot rollers.
3- Exposure to the sun and wind.
4- Chlorine in swimming pools.
5- Using cotton scarves because cotton absorb the sebum.
6- Washing hair to much with shampoo .
7- Washing hair with Cheap or Harsh shampoos.
8- Using to much hair spray.
9- Hard water as it contain High minerals.

You can avoid the problems faced by dry hair By following this simple tips

Tips For Dry Hair

1- Prevent Dry Hair From Inside By Follow Healthy Diet:
A- To protect your hair from the Dryness it requires moisturizing internally by drinking quantities of water At least drink eight cups of water, and requires to eat quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables as it also contain water, vitamins and minerals. Try My Raw Food Diet.
B- Eat foods rich in fatty acids it is found in nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and fatty fish Such as Salmon and tuna.
C- Eat foods rich in Vitamin E – Vitamin E is necessary to make hair shiny, soft and improve hair texture – it also strengthen the hair, The best resource for vitamin E is Coconut, I recommend to drink Coconut milk and eat Coconut daily it actually from my favorite foods which able to treat dry hair it also prevent hair breakage and split ends.
D- The best solution to prevent dry hair is to take a Hair vitamin. It can improve your hair texture and it is great for hair growth as well as it makes the scalp secrete sebum (natural oil). Some Hair Vitamins like Fast Grow vitamins Contains essential oils for moisturizing dry hair.

2- Pre-wash
A– Comb your hair before wash to Decode tangles.
B- Try Hot Oil Treatment Or use Nourishing Oil Treatment like Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment For Ultra-Dry Hair it actually works well for very dry hair.
C- Use Natural Protein Mask for Shine – This is a natural hair recipe Give it a super shine whip an egg yolk to a cup of yogurt Then add to your hair and scalp then wear a plastic cap leave this mask about 30 minutes to one hour then clean it well with your regular shampoo this is a deep Protein mask it treat damaged hair, give it a healthy sheen, and cure dryness repeat this mask every 15 days or at least use it one time a month.

3- Shampooing And Conditioning
Be sure to use Shampoo and Conditioner without SLS or Paraben as this ingredients causes dry hair and hair breakage, Now it is very easy to find on the market Shampoo and Conditioner without SLS or Parabens.
Choose Shampoo and Conditioner Specially designed for dry hair as it is rich in oils and moisturizers That is nourish Dry hair during washing and keep it without tangle and easy combing.

4- Deep Hair Mask – Use Deep Hair Mask every week to Strengthens, repairs, and moisturizes dry, damaged hair. I recommend Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask because it contains Argan oil which is super moisturizer for dry hair Also it contains antioxidants Vitamin E and keratin for strengthens and smooths.

5- Remove Splits Treat Split end For dry hair because it makes it look fragile, dry and uncontrollable. So I recommend to trim the ends regularly.

6- Wear Silk scarf Use Cover pillowcases made of silk or satin instead of cotton to prevent dry hair or wear a silk scarf at night.

7- Avoid Alcohol Stay away from all hair products contains alcohol because it dries hair more. Try Leonor Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice this product alcohol-free.

8- Keep it Moisturize Use a moisturizing cream Daily that is restores vitality to the hair and maintains moisture – Also you can Try Glycerine add a few drops of Glycerine in the ends after shampooing and conditioning, this is a deep moisturizing it give it a healthy sheen, cure dryness and prevent frizzy hair.

9- Avoid using blow-dry on wet hair – You should reduce the use of hair dryer or flat iron, use  it if necessary only, When you use it you should leave your hair dry naturally (about %50 to %80 dry) then use blow dry.

10- Protection Distribution of nourishing serum tufts of hair to protect it well before exposing them to any of straightening tools. Try kerastase nutritive serum nutri sculpt Lustrous Repair For dry Damaged hair and Ends.

11-  wear a cap or scarf when exposure to the sun or use sun protection to protect your hair from ultraviolet x ray.

12- Scalp Massage Massage your scalp daily with circular movements to revive the scalp and distribution the sebum. Also scalp massage makes your hair grow faster.

13- Protective hairstyles bun hairstyle is the best way to protect your hair from sun and wind but never wear tight bun because it causes thinning hair on the front hair line.

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