Oily Hair Care Tips

Oily Hair Care Tips
As you know oily hair is when you wash your hair a day in the second day your hair become limp, greasy and flat and of course need to wash it everyday. Usually, Blondes have more oily hair than other people with dark skin or brunette. If you have fine blonde hair that means you have a lot of oil glands in your scalp. Here Are Some Tips To Caring Oily Hair:


People who have oily hair prefer washing their hair every day to add volume and remove the excess oils, i don’t recommend to wash it everyday, because using too much shampoos lead to fragile and damages the ends, all you need to do is to try a shampoo especially designed for oily hair, if you use a shampoo for normal or dry hair that’s contains a lot of oils and moisturizers which makes the hair looks more greasy and the scalp produces more oils, and your hair be easily to be flat and down. You can use an oil free Shampoo or mint or tea tree oil shampoo day after day or every two days, this kind of shampoos can remove all the oils from the glands and the scalp, also should use a clarifying shampoo once a month, clarifying shampoo especially designed to remove products build up and excess oils, it works for all hair types, but for oily hair also used for extra cleansing and clarifying.

Another tips for washing, don’t wash it with very hot water or rub your scalp strongly, this can make your glands produce more oils.

Some people prefer applying baby powder to the root instead of shampooing, but i don’t recommend it at all, as it makes hair looks lifeless, fragile and highlight damaged ends if you have. Alternatively, you can replace the baby powder by a great products called Dry shampoos. Dry shampoo is ideal for oily hair, it keeps your hair clean, in a good smelling and voluminous without need to wash it with water.


Some people don’t prefer using conditioner for oily hair, but truly it is a very important step, adding a little bit of the conditioner to the ends only, never apply to scalp or rub it, and rinse well, also conditioner like shampoo that’s very important to choose a conditioner specially designed for oily hair, this types of conditioners can moisturizes your hair without makes it looks greasy or flat. As well as it adds volume for fine hair.

Homemade recipes:

You can use apple cider vinegar rinse and lemon rinse by mixing one cup of warm water to one lemon, then apply to your scalp directly after shampooing, this recipes can helps to prevent the glands to produce more oils, at the same time lemon rich of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and nourish the hair, if you use lemon rinse regularly you will get also healthy hair growth.


To move away from shampooing you can wear an updo hairstyle like a bun or ponytail.

Stay Away From These Things:

Always i advice women who have dry hair to wear a silk scarves during sleep, to warm the scalp and leave it produce more oils, but for oily hair never cover your hair with any scarves especially silk scarves, this makes your hair looks so bad and greasy.

Lastly, stay away from steam, sauna and cooking, if you need to use one of this or cook you can do before washing directly.

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