Tips Of Moisturizing Extremely Dry Hair

Dry Hair

There can be many causes for dryness, tips of moisturizing extremely dry hair are not very complicated to find and implement. Dryness can create fly-aways and your style can look a mess. Sometimes you can even receive a shock from the static electricity, but it is not hard to eliminate the problem.

Changing your shampoo is a good first step. Use a shampoo made to put moisture back in. Use less when you wash and use a conditioner after, let it sit for a few minutes to ensure absorption. If you can avoid drying with a blow dryer that will help. Towel dry and if you need to style try to stop blow drying before you are completely dry.

Massage your scalp to release natural oils from the glands and brush through. A teaspoon of olive oil on your hands and rubbed in will make your hair shiny and moisturized. Special treatments can be purchased from the store to restore moisture, Hot oil Treatment works well.

Hair Mayonnaise rubbed in and then covered with a plastic bag will restore moisture. Keep it in for at least 20 minutes and then wash out. It contains eggs and oil which are both excellent for moisturizing. Try not to overwork your hair, just comb it as much as it needs with a brush that has rubber tips and do not wash every day or you will strip out the natural oils. If you can, go 2 to 3 days between washings.

A natural remedy you can do at home will require avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, a blender, a towel, a plastic cap, shampoo and conditioner. Peel and seed the avocado and place in the blender pouring in enough olive oil to make it smooth. Add coconut oil and blend until softened. Dampen the hair and apply the mixture, cover with the plastic cap and wrap your head with the towel leaving it on overnight. Place another towel on your pillow in case it gets messy and save the remainder in the refrigerator. In the morning use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Some causes can be from harmful chemicals found in products you use, using a blow dryer and curling iron frequently, over-exposure to the elements and lacking necessary vitamins in your diet. Over washing and over brushing can irritate the scalp and dry out the natural oils that keep the scalp and hair moisturized and soft. When washing do not scrub the scalp, instead rub in gentle circular motions with the tips of the fingers and afterwards use a brush that has natural fibers.

Select a shampoo and conditioner for your particular condition, switching to salon grade products are worth the price as they have less fillers. Reduce the amount of product you use and try leave-in conditioners. Products like mousse, gels and styling creams can contain chemicals that irritate the scalp and can cause damage. Look for products that contain less chemicals and are more natural.

Tips of moisturizing extremely dry hair include keeping your head covered in extreme weather conditions whether it be hot or cold. Sun can dry your hair as can high winds, wear a hat or hood. Eat a balanced diet that includes lots of vegetables and fruits. Natural tonics can be made from egg yolks whipped and applied to the scalp and hair and then rinsed with warm water and Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo. It contains essential nutrients and vitamins A and D.

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