12 Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips
Temperature has began to fall, after long months of high temperature and high humidity. There is no doubt that winter brings a lot of changes with it, these changes are not limited to the fashion closet only, but it also includes our hair and skin problems. With low temperature we must change our own system for hair care. At the end, cold weather can damage hair and lose its hydration, and being broken and split. If, what can you do to secure moisturizing and protect your hair from damage in this winter? To find out read these tips carefully:

How you can maintain healthy hair in winter?

1- You should use a moisturizing shampoo that contain high levels of moisturizers like natural oils and plants, Kerastase Bain Nutri-Thermique Intense nourishing shampoo for very dry and sensitized hair able to give your hair a smooth look, full moisture and shine as it contains Ceramic, glucose, proteins and lipids to nourish the hair from roots to tips.

2- Always, use a conditioner after every shampooing, even if your hair is oily, some women skip this step because they have oily hair, but the conditioner is an important product for all hair types as it removes tangles, makes your hair very easy to comb and adds shine. I highly recommend to try Silk18 Natural Conditioner, it’s a Sulfate Free treatment for Dry and Damaged hair contains Amino Acids, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, and Botanical Keratin.

3- Use a deep conditioner (mask) after your regular conditioner for extra moisturizing, you can use it once a week or at least once every 15 day, some deep conditioners should be let for about 10-30 minutes and another you can leave about 2 minutes only like Aphogee Intensive 2-Minute Keratin Reconstructor, it’s a weekly treatment to prevent breakage and split ends, another great one is Aussie 3 minutes Miracle Conditioning treatment, this product prevents frizzy hair and hydrates as well because it contains olive oil. Both products are excellent and work very well on dry and damaged hair. Another incredible one is Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy, you should leave it for 12 minutes only then rinse, this deep treatment control frizz and curls.

4- Don’t wash your hair daily, as excessive of washing hair removes the natural protective oils from hair and scalp, which makes your hair very dry especially in cold weather. On the other hand it leads to weakness, breaks and fragile. I ask my clients to wash their hair only once or twice a week if possible!

5- Use an oil treatment like extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil or any oil as your choice, also use natural masks like yogurt or bananas and avocado or Mayonnaise twice a month before shampoo, these oils and masks can help to get rid of dryness, smooths your hair and adds shine. As well as stimulate healthy hair growth.

6- Wear a hat or silk cap when you go out, that can help to protect your hair and scalp from the cold weather.

7- Trim your ends every 8 to 12 weeks to remove split ends and to get healthy hair looking.

8- Moisturizing the ends to reduce splitting and breakage, that by applying serum and/or oil after shampooing and conditioning.

9- Protect your ends by wearing a braids or a bun, to protect the ends from damage.

10- Protecting your hair at night you should wear a silk scarf or bonnet at night when you sleep.

11- Avoid styling products like mousse, gel and spray, all these products contain harsh chemicals which cause damage and lead to more dry, splits and breaks.

12- Use the blow dryer in moderation because hot air also causes dry hair, if it necessary to use it ensure to apply a heat protection before and never use a blow dryer with very hot heat.


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