Protective Hairstyles Ideas for Longer Hair


In order to grow your hair longer, faster and save it from any damage like; dryness, frizz, breakage and split ends, you will need to protect your hair as possible from these factors; heat, bad weather, dust, sun, ultra violet rays and wind. Protective hairstyles are an excellent solution to get healthy long hair, you can do one of these hairstyles: Twist bun or a soft, messy bun hair, halo braid,  lace braided bun.

Important Notes:

1- Avoid using the hair elastics as possible when you do any hairstyle of these as hair elastics damage and harm the hair tips. If you want to use a hair tie you can use E&K healthy hair tie.

2- Skip the hair spray step, because using a lot hairspray dryness the hair, causes hair loss and scalp inflammation.

3- Make sure when you do any one of these hairstyles to twist or cover your hair ends, in another word don’t leave your hair ends exposed to air, sun or any factor which causes damaged hair.

Here are many hairstyles ideas images and videos which are very easy to do yourself at home:

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Messy Bun Faux Hawk

Here is a video tutorial on how to do messy bun faux hawk

Soft Messy Bun Hair

Halo Braid With Soft Bun

To do halo brain hairstyle, click here to find youtube video tutorial!

Halo Braided Hairstyles

Elegant halo braided bridal hairstyles.

Dutch Braid

Dutch braid rolled into flower bun.

Lace Braid

To learn how to do lace braid hairstyle click here to watch youtube video tutorial!

Bow Bun



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