The Secrets To Growing Black Hair Long

Secrets To Growing Black Hair Long

Secrets To Growing Black Hair Long Book by Donna Hanover

Discover Honest Proven Secrets to Growing Your Hair From the Nape of Your Neck to the Center of Your Back in a Few Short Months

You see there is actually a formula to grow the hair longer, healthier and stronger. Not only is there a formula there are also special proven ingredients which actually dramatically increase the growth rate of the hair.
Secrets To Growing Black Hair Long or grow it long book is designed specifically for tightly coiled African-American hair that doesn’t grow long.
Everything you will read here will completely dispel the myths you have grown up believing. More importantly you will learn the real proven secrets to speeding up your hair growth while retaining the length.

It does not matter what texture of hair you have, you will learn what has been damaging your hair and what really promotes it. You will learn just why the black hair care industry is making a fortune keeping you in the dark about the real secrets to healthy long hair.

Did you know that the average hair growth is half an inch a month? Yes, this is the standard for all hair types, no matter what race you are or what hair type you have. If your hair grows half an inch a month then every year you should have at least six inches of growth. If your hair is growing six inches every year then in two years you should have twelve inches and in three years your hair should be eighteen inches long.

Is your hair grown six inches every year? If you answer no to this question then you are not alone. Like most black women you are probably clueless as to retain your growth.
There is a secret ingredient you can take which will sky rocket your hair growth. Forget about the standard half an inch. You can increase your growth rate by 3/4 to even one inch of growth a month. Even better you can get this sort of growth month after month when you learn this one little secret.

What you will get

  • Learn the secret of  how to grow African American hair will finally be unlocked. The information in this book will work for any hair type but its really written for women with very tightly coiled hair who have had allot of difficulty retaining length.
  • Get a secret oil mix that grew my hair extremely fast and also cured a bald spot and thinning hair line. You won’t find it in your local beauty supply store, but I will show you where to get it. The results of this oil have been miraculous and I continue to use it and see results.
  • Get Softer more manageable hair that’s easy to handle no matter what texture hair you have.
  • Discover why most beauticians will never want you to know these secrets to growing longer hair. Most of them don’t even know the secrets themselves and some would go out of business if you learned these secrets and began to use them.
  • On this book you will find an amazing product many celebrities are taking to boost their hair growth really fast. by the rave reviews and the before and after pictures. It’s very, very effective. Its been written about in top magazines and many people can attest to really seeing unusually faster growth. It also enhances the texture of the hair. However it can easily be sold for over one hundred dollars. This book will show you the ingredients and teach you an alternative method that is just as effective. You will love this!
  • Learn the one myth about water that may be badly stunting your growth. You can’t afford not to know this secret. It’s affecting your hair growth now and it will continue until you learn the truth.
  • Extend your time between relaxers while softening and protecting your new growth; Using this wonderful powdered conditioner found in the Asian market. It has helped me in stopping the ‘grow break cycle’ that is so common to black hair, and now my hair is fuller and continues to grow longer than it ever has.
  • Also Learn How to Emphasis Your Natural Curl Pattern

Bonus eBook:

You also get a guide with special recipes that boost your hair growth to support the maximum growth. Can you imagine how armed you now are to maximize your hair’s full potential? Your hair will never be the same again.

You get loads of information. Step by step regimes and lots of secret recipes. All for the price of $24.97
This is a 60 day risk free %100 money back guarantee.

Order Now!

Secrets To Growing Black Hair Long.


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  1. i just wanted to say thank you!. i purchased this book from your website before one week, i noticed some different at my hair, its truly grow and healthy!

    • Flora dixon says:


      Would anyone be kind enough to email me the copy of the book please. Or can I purchase a hard copy. My eye tires easily reading on computer. I search Amazon and the Internet can’t find the book in hardcopy
      Thank you

  2. I read the e-book twice now. I know now what I need to do to grow my hair long, fast and keep it healthy.

  3. Stephanie says:

    My hair has been at the same length for two years. I have gained over an inch of new growth in just five weeks after used the mix oils. i loved this hair book.

  4. It work for me, my hair grown very long quickly i do not believe the results
    Thanks Thanks Thanks!

  5. Does anyone know how i can get this book mailed 2 me not an e-book!!! PLZ WRITE BACK

    • Unfortunately it is not a book you can’t get by mail, Secret to growing black hair long is an e-book, send by email you can download it after purchased only.

  6. brittny says:

    would someone be kind to email me the copy of the book

  7. maverick Sanders says:

    Appreciating the commitment you put into your blog and in depth information you offer.
    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in
    a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information. Excellent read!

    I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  8. Odell Gentry says:

    I’d prefer a phyiscal book that I can read not one in my email, bought one not yours and downloaded it in one of my emails and the book disappeared from my email and I didn’t get a chance to read it, so if there’s anyway that this book can be purchased I would like to give it a try.

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