XP110 Max Pro Hair Growth Laser

Hair Growth LaserDescription
XP110 Max Pro Hair Growth Laser,
Laser Hair Stimulation for Hair Loss. Strongest Lasers Available!

Product Features
As Strong & Effective as Professional Salon Laser Treatments. More Safe & Cost Effective than any Hair Growth Treatment on the Market!
110 Laser Diodes, 650 NM, 8-10MW *(Strongest Lasers Available for Home Use)Improvements seen in as little as 8-12 weeks w/optimal results within a year.15-20 Minute Treatments, 3X Week. Portable/Collapsible Laser Hood, Hands Free1 Year Full Warranty. Guaranteed Results! 5000 Hour Laser Lifespan.
Product Description
Ultimate performance, superior coverage for maximum results. Hood lasers are the standard method of delivery in laser hair salons. Hoods allow the lasers to be aimed at the scalp at a 90 degree angle from all sides penetrating entire scalp. Hood lasers are ideal for patients suffering from all over hair loss and/or those with loss of hair on both the top and sides.
If you are concerned about your hair, the earlier you start using hair laser the better. The longer a person with thinning, lifeless hair waits to seek treatment the more risk taken in not being able to reverse the problem.
Hair laser therapy has been shown to be effective in over 90% of its patience achieving a fuller, thicker more luxurious head of hair. It is proven that skin cells like light and your hair is just the same. Both men and women of all ages can benefit from laser light therapy provided by our Hair Growth Lasers.
For many years leading hair clinics and salons in Europe, Asia and around the world have been using Low Level Laser Therapy to improve the appearance of the thinning hair and not until recently has there been in- home treatments using the same clinical lasers to deliver the same results as a salon treatment.
Low Level Laser Photons stimulate the entire scalp increasing micro-circulation of blood supplies to the hair follicles. Pure red ‘Soft laser light stimulates the scalp significantly increasing the number of red corpuscles that deliver life giving oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb .Hair Follicles, which are dormant but not dead, can often, be rehabilitated.
*The difference between the 5 mw lasers and our hair growth lasers are: the more power output from a laser, the better the laser biostimulation effects on scalp.
Most commercial units implement a max of 3-5mw power rated lasers, while our units implement lasers with 8-10mw power output. Laser power output are measured in mw, the more miliwatt a laser has (like a light bulb), the better the stimulation effects are.

Important Information

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The hair laser should be used on a “clean scalp” after shampooing either slightly wet or dry. It should be used before applying any other topical treatments, gels or sprays. Make sure the unit is flat on a surface higher than your head (e.g. a table or a desk). Unlock the laser hood by pressing two tabs on sides. The hood will lock in position when completely opened. Adjust the Height setting by sliding the hood up or down for a comfortable position. Sit on a chair and aim the laser rays on your scalp; the shorter the distance between laser source and scalp, the more energy is absorbed (about 1-3″ is fine). Always use both hand to handle unit. 15-20 minute treatments three times a week, skipping a day in between treatments is the recommended treatment protocol.


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