Secrets Of Rosemary For Hair Growth

Rosemary For Hair Growth

Do you know rosemary is the best solution to get rid of hair loss and grow it long?

In this post Faster hair brought to you the unique and the best using of rosemary to stop your hair loss as soon as possible, and grow your hair very quickly, even if you don’t suffer hair loss or short hair, you can also try this recipe to get very healthy and strong hair, really this natural lotion is worth to try. All you need to do this natural hair lotion is to buy some rosemary herbal and some chamomile flowers from any safe drug store. Here are the ingredients and the recipe:

The Ingredients:

  • One tablespoon of rosemary herbal.
    One tablespoon of chamomile flowers.
    Two cups of water ( about 400 ml )

The Recipe:

1- Add the water to high heat until boiling.

2- Then add the rosemary and chamomile to it, to boiling with the water three to four minutes, then remove the mixture from heat.

3- Leave to cool and filter with strainer or gauze.

4- Put the lotion in a clean bottle contains a sprayer.

5- Apply the lotion directly to your scalp on clean and wet hair. Repeat this method three times a week.


  • I recommend to make a fresh and new amount of lotion before every application.
  • Use rosemary lotion regularly to get always long and healthy and perfumed hair at the same time.
  • Take a hair vitamin with a healthy diet and exercise would help replenish your body and lead to stronger and longer hair as fast as possible.

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