The New Moon Phase To Speed Hair Growth

Moon Phase For Hair Growth

The New Moon Phase For Speedy Hair Growth – Does It Work?

Believe Or Not Believe The Moon Has A Major Impact On Faster Hair Growth!

People are always searching for better ways to grow their hair faster. Fortunately, Astrologers have found out that our luscious locks have a possible connection to moon phases.

This is much more natural regimen to follow that makes hair grow two to three times faster.

The New Moon Hair Growth Method is believed to stimulate hair growth by using the power of the New Moon.

The growing phase of the moon from New as it increases to a Full Moon has an effect on your hair and this is when the best days to cut them. The secret is to know the right days to trim your hair.

There are five astrological signs where the new moon is more effective in providing faster, longer and healthier locks – the Earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus, and the Water Signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

In this moon phase, the human body is believed to be replenishing its resources and is striving to attain its peak of optimal health. Hair growth is accelerated during this time and using that phase would help your hair grow two to three times faster.

What we need for this hair growth secret is a pair of cutting shears that are sharp so that it could not post any damage to the hair, and a hair journal to keep record.

In the hair journal, write down the length of the hair after the first New Moon cut and create a chart that measures hair growth every 40 days, this should be done for five months. You can also keep dates for the next hair trim for proper records of the best days to cut.

For best results, starting the hair growth secret in the Waxing Moon phase is the best way to go and by trimming a bit of hair ends will lead to faster hair growth.

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